Hello: My mom and myself did a DNA test and found out that we both have 2 allels that have Sephadic Jewish markers on them. My mom highest ranking European markers were from Portugal and Brazil, although we are african american. Does this mean that we are Sephardi Jews? Thank you.

By Rabbi Yosef Churba Mar 17, 2018 04:27 PM

Hello! When it comes to ascertaining a person's Jewish origin, we follow the origins of that person's mother. So, if the person's mother is Jewish, then her children are. When it comes to the laws and customs one is to follow, however, we go by an individual's husband's traditions. 

It may very well be that you will find links back to an Askenazic or Sephardic background, but it does not mean you must follow their laws and customs.

I would recommend that you do a bit more research in terms of your family tree to see if you have any Jewish ancestors and this may answer your question a bit clearer.

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