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By Edward Kassin Jan 24, 2018 09:01 AM

I started a new website called (the name has nothing to do with the content of the site, I just never made a new name for this site and InformBitcoin I had for something else).

The website has EVERY Amazon product with its pricing on there(whatever the price is on is the right price. So even if my site shows higher because it was not updated or for whatever reason, when you proceed to Amazon you will get the right and usually cheaper price). After you add what you want to the cart and want to checkout, it will bring you straight to Amazon to do that. You are buying FROM Amazon and NOT my website. However, everything you buy through Amazon by going through my website, I will receive commission.

Today everyone is buying from Amazon, so I thought who better than to get me started than my own family and friends. Again you are buying from Amazon anyways so why not help me get a cut from it while your at it. All payments are done on the Amazon website and not mine. My site is just where you pick what you want and add it to the cart. Please give it a try and help me make some money! If you want to buy something private and dont want me to know which product you purchase than DO NOT use my site. Go straight to

If you rather do your search on first, thats fine. Use the second search bar which brings you STRAIGHT to AMAZON. Its that simple. Any comments would be appreciated. Again every purchase you make I can get a commission from it! Please forward to your friends by copying and pasting this message in any chats,whatsapp groups, or just forward to your friends by email.

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