5 Fun Activities to do with Your Kids Before Summer Camp Starts that Won't Break the Bank

By Sephardic News Jun 18, 2018 12:53 PM

Being a parent can be overwhelming altogether, but the time between the ending of school and the beginning of the Summer camp season can be extra difficult. During this week or so, children tend to be around the house more often with nothing to keep them occupied.

Instead of rotting their brains with screens and more screens or spending tons of money on trips, why not take the initiative to do something creative and fun with your children? Here is a list of fun activities and crafts to do during the school-camp gap that is sure to entertain both you and your children and avoid spending too much money.


1. Sidewalk Foam Paint

Sidewalk chalk is a classic way to keep the kids occupied, but why not kick it up a notch? Take a few extra minutes to throw this project together with your kids, you’ll be glad you did!

What you’ll need:

  • Blender

  • Dish soap

  • Water

  • Food coloring

  • Squeeze bottles

Pour 2 tablespoons of dish soap, a few drops of food coloring, and 1/4 cup of water into a blender. Turn the blender on for about 30 seconds (or until it is foamy). Scoop the foam into the squeeze bottles. Then go outside and squeeze some masterpieces onto the sidewalk!

2. Tie-Dye

This activity is great for the older kids, pre-teens, and teens. The easiest way to go about this activity is to buy a tie-dye kit from Amazon or your local craft store and follow the instructions that come with the kit.

Tie-dying camp shirts, white shirts, or shorts that may have been stained or ruined is a fun way to feel productive while letting out your creative side.

For different pattern ideas, click here. 

3. Make Popsicles

There is no better treat for this time of year than a popsicle. Have the kids join you in creating some! All you have to do is set up a station with different bases and fillings and get to work. You could use any popsicle mold or just some small dixie cups and popsicle sticks. 

Ideas for bases: sprite, coconut milk (add sugar), and orange juice.

Ideas for fillings: gummy bears, Oreos, nuts, fruit, and sprinkles.

For recipes, click here. 

4. Nature Scavenger Hunt

This takes minimal effort and will keep the kids busy a while so you can spend your time unpacking your summer home or relaxing while they search.

Make a list of things you might find outdoors and hand one out to each kid. The first one to come back with all of the collected items gets a prize!

5. Water Balloon Wars

With this nifty new tool that fills 25-50 water balloons at once, this activity no longer takes much time and prep at all.

Invite some of your kids' friends over and make two teams. Give each team 100 balloons, each team gets one color if possible and then let them battle!

No rules needed, but set some boundaries if you feel they are necessary!

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