How to Run a Successful Social Media Account for Your Business

By Frieda Schweky Aug 10, 2017 01:15 PM

The way we interact has changed immensely in recent years. New platforms of communication have virtually redefined how we converse on a daily basis and perhaps more importantly, how we view content. Applications and websites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even Snapchat have been staples in how we branch out in this day and age.

Our Community businesses have felt the large impact of social media because they are finally able to reach out to an active and interested audience in an interactive way. Just a few years ago, if you sold Challah from home, for example, you would text someone who has a huge contact list and he or she would get the word out for you via text.

Nowadays, step one in advertising and marketing would be to make an Instagram account with a catchy name! A few examples of community companies who are killing it on social media are: Candy and Cattle, Urban Pops, and Baked By Bibis.

Social Media platforms are game changers. A young entrepreneur can show visuals as well as give information about their company and products. If done correctly, you have the potential to reach thousands if not hundreds of thousands of potential clients and customers on a daily basis. The sky's the limit!

Here are some great tips for creating a successful social media platform for your business.

  • Make accounts on at least 3 large social media platforms. This could include Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat, and Linkedin.


  • Follow people that ‘like’ pictures that related to your business. This can lead to potential customers seeing your account and potentially following you back. For example: If you sold beauty products, you would follow someone like @Glossipgirl (Judy Gabby a talented community makeup artist) as well as her active followers that ‘like’ her pictures.


  • Make every post count! Quality over quantity is a concept that one should really focus on when it comes to filling up your social media accounts with content. Make sure to put clear and interesting images with captions that are informative.


  • Be consistent with all of your content. The images and posts that you share should all have a common thread.


  • Posting often is a big factor when it comes to running a successful social media page. Posting at least once or even twice a day on Instagram will put your posts to the top of people's home feed which can lead to more likes, follows, and most importantly, customers.


  • Scheduling your posts at specific times is a major key. According to current studies, the best time to post on Instagram is around 8-9 PM. Other then that, just make sure to share your posts during non work hours to assure maximum exposure.


  • Making contests with prizes is another creative way in boosting followers on a Facebook or Instagram account. You can initiate a contest by posting a picture and having instructions below your post on how to enter. This has potential for triple your exposure because you can instruct people to share your post with their friends and so on.
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