Real Estate Tips: Walk-Throughs in New York, What you Need to Know

By Mrs. Karen Behfar Aug 02, 2018 01:24 PM

A walk-through is a critical step in the home buying process. A walk-through is one of the final
steps in purchasing a home, where the buyers and their real estate agent inspect the home
before closing on the purchase. Usually, this takes place just before the closing date and is a
buyer’s last chance to ensure that the home is the proper condition.

Typically, after a formal home inspection, there will be a list of items for repair that both parties
have agreed upon. The walk-through is informal and there is no inspector present. It is a chance
to ensure that sellers have made the repairs that they agreed to.

During a walk-through, it’s important for buyers to examine the home with a critical eye. Some
of the potential issues that they might find are that items are missing, such as light fixtures or
other items that were affixed to the home and should be present. Or, they may discover that
keys are missing, the home is dirty, components of appliances (oven racks, freezer ice bins, or
fridge storage shelves) are missing. The sellers should also leave any instruction manuals for
appliances, furnaces, and any other information that they have available.

Without a walk-through, buyers may find themselves walking into a home on moving day that is
not in the agreed upon condition, making it their responsibility to make any repairs themselves.
Think of a walk-through as one last chance to ensure that you’re moving into the home of your

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