Hillel Yeshiva's Renovation Debut

Since the school was established in the late 1950’s, Hillel Yeshiva, NJ has maintained their goal to provide their students with an unparalleled education in a warm, supportive, and nurturing Torah environment.

In the late 1970’s the new location for the Yeshiva in Ocean, NJ opened as a response to a pattern of many Jewish families moving from the Brooklyn, NY area to the Jersey Shore community all year around. The founders of Hillel Yeshiva, Saul and Ely Ashkenazi of blessed memory, had the vision to create a state of the art educational campus and purchased 56 acres of land to welcome the growing population of incoming families. Forty years later, history is repeating itself and so many new families have joined the Hillel family.

The elementary school's main hallway before renovations.

“We need to be prepared to accommodate the new influx of students and to insure that our buildings match up to our top-notch education and top-notch standards,” said chairman of the Board of Directors, Sammy Saka, “The world is constantly evolving and advancing, and it’s time for our school to modernize and grow with the times.”

One of the elementary school classrooms before the renovation.

For these reasons and more, Hillel’s elementary school building has recently undergone some major renovations. This complete makeover includes new floors, ceilings, lighting, roofing, windows, doors, furniture and technology. Twelve classrooms, a computer lab, an art room, an educational services center and six other rooms have been redesigned and reconstructed into modern, bright, and inviting spaces for their young students.

During the construction period, classes for the children in first grade through fourth grade took place in temporary classrooms that were set up for them in one of Hillel’s other buildings on the same campus. The new classrooms hold 20-23 students each.

The elementary school's hallway, mid construction.

On Sept. 3, 2017 to raise money for the new construction, a campaign was kicked off at the home of Carol Franco. The event celebrated Hillel’s 40th anniversary of the current campus on Deal Road and honored Jack D. Franco, the Chairman of the Board of Trustees, for his lifelong commitment to Hillel Yeshiva and the Community.

Hillel Yeshiva is also currently in the midst of their Restoration Campaign so there's still time to donate. Over the next three years, Hillel plans to renovate their Early Learning Center, Middle School, Core Building and High School.

A brand new classroom located in Hillel Yeshiva's elementary school.

“I have no doubt that the new renovations will encourage families to make the move and inspire our alumni to come back and give back to Hillel,” said Mr. Saka of the impact this new venture can have on the growing community of the greater Jersey Shore area.

The welcoming and bright colors of the new building are greens, blues, maroons, and shades of gray. The new branch was designed by MMA Architects in Neptune. The technology introduced into these new classrooms and elective rooms are unparalleled.

Another one of the classrooms located in the elementary school.

Every classroom now has interactive touch screens in place of chalk boards, as well as new computers for teachers and staff in classrooms, offices, and conference rooms. New Chromebooks (Google laptops) were also purchased for students and wifi internet access will be available in every classroom.

Additionally, Hillel added new Chromebooks for the computer lab as well, a new clock and PA system, new printers and copy machine outfitted with ‘FollowMe’ smart printing, and Webcams in the classrooms for video conferencing with people in other locations.

The children and parents looking on as the ribbon is cut on grand opening day.

The grand opening of the elementary school wing took place on Friday, Oct. 27, 2017 in the Gindi Auditorium in Hillel Yeshiva. The event started at 8 AM for prayers and breakfast for the students of the elementary school as well as for all those who attended. The ribbon cutting ceremony and tour of the new facilities took place at 9 AM.

When the lucky students take their new seats in class, they will no doubt feel as if they are in a classroom of the future.