Our Vision

Sephardic.Org is a nonprofit hub of information for Sephardic Jews worldwide.

Sephardic.Org provides an immense amount of content under one technological roof

for all readers. Whether it be news, community events and outreach, Torah and values, or guidance and inspiration, we are offering a service that is accurate unaltered with no political or rabbinical agenda. One can rely on our halacha as accurate as opening a shulchan Aruch.

Our mission as an organization is to provide a safe environment and accurate information where Jewish people can come together to form a larger-scaled religious community throughout the world. This will allow people to become inspired as well as to inspire others in more ways than one.

Under the guidance of our esteemed Rabbi Yosef Churba, Sephardic.Org was launched in order to reach as many people as possible at the fastest and most efficient rate in order to teach and inspire Sephardic Jewry in terms of Halachot, tradition, and values throughout the world.

Thanks to Rabbi Churba and the many others who have committed themselves to the amazing mission associated with this great website, we have been able to connect many Jewish communities around the world with the common goal of learning and growing together.

May we continue to only grow and move forward from here so that we may be able to help and inform as many people as possible in the years to come. Amen!