Hashem is Everywhere

By Steve Cornman

By Steve Cornman

I always seem to find Hashem in everything!

I was having an emotional day and I just wanted to share it. Thank you Hashem for creating emotional days and sending relief for them!!

There is a family who is going through a great test from Hashem just as my family did a few years ago. From their story, you can truly see how Hashem sends cures all the time!

There was a young American Jewish teenager, Ezra Shwartz AH' who was killed in Israel last year. He was hit by a bullet while doing a Mitzvah of delivering food to needy families and he passed away. 

We aren't judging anything or anyone, this tragedy, as everything is, is from Hashem and even though we don't understand why, we understand that everything from Hashem is good. 

So now this teenager is a big football fan and his favorite team is the New England Patriots. 

During the week of Shiva last year, Robert Kraft, the owner of the team and a fellow Jew, had a moment of silence for Ezra Shwartz AH' before the Monday night game and then went to the family's house to pay a shiva call which is extremely beautiful!!!

That should be the end of the story but, it is only the beginning!!

You see, the Patriots made it to the Super Bowl this year and a bunch of Ezra's AH' friends got together and bought tickets to the big game for Ezra's father and little brother since the whole family are huge fans which is so nice!!! Thank you Hashem for creating all these beautiful young men that do Mitzvahs. 

So later Mr. Kraft, not knowing what the friends had done, had a thought to do the same thing inviting the father and the brother to the game and when he called the family he was told thank you very much but the friends had already done that!! So Mr. Kraft said he would invite the entire family and and pay for their air travel and tickets to the game and their hotel!! Wow!! I was so touched that I even wanted his team to win even though I'm a Jets fan!!

So this must have touched Hashem because not only did the entire family get to go to the game, but Hashem made a miracle comeback (the greatest ever in Super Bowl history) and the Patriots won the game against impossible odds!!! But then again, nothing is impossible for Hashem!!!

So now this beautiful family got a chance at least for a little while to have an uplifting moment for their spirits and during the game they took the first picture of the entire family all smiling since the tragedy last year!!! They just couldn't do it before!! 

So I'm sure Ezra Swartz AH' and my Ezra AH', both being big football fans, were enjoying everything in heaven together and smiling since at least this year the Patriots must also be Hashem's team!!!

Isn't it amazing how Hashem always sends his children emotional therapy?

I love you so much Hashem!! ❤️❤️❤️