Thank You Hashem Week 203

By Shelly Greenstein

- Was very happy to see my 2 friends from shul in Brooklyn visiting Lakewood on Shabbat. I was very inspired when I heard that one of them walked 1.5 hours in the muggy summer heat to go and learn together. If you are reading this- hazak ubaruch, I am sure you are going to see tremendous reward for every step you took.Vry proud of your maaseh. It is a credit to our Rav, Rabbi Seruya who guides us to recognize what is truly important in life. Thank you Hashem for Bnei Binyamin.

- Thank you Hashem so much for being with us every minute of the day. Yesterday my cell phone fell and cracked. It was a major inconvenience and was expensive to fix. Thank you Hashem that it was only a broken phone and not a broken person c''v. Items are replaceable people aren't!! 

- Thank you Hashem for letting me pass my driving test. If I ch"v wouldn't have passed I would have had to take another 3 lessons which would have cost me about another 587 dollars.

- Thank You HASHEM for guiding every step of every day!!

- Thank you Hashem!!!

Moved back to New Jersey for the summer and my shower doors weren't working so well. I thought I fixed them, my 14 year old son was showering when the large door fell on him and broke into hundreds of pieces Baruch HaShem he walked away with only a few minor cuts. Hashem watches over his people. 

- Thank you Hashem for an amazing Shabbat last week in Lakewood. Thank you for getting us home safely. Thank you for helping me fight and win my yetzer hara.

- Thank You HaShem for the easy times and hard times... best comfort to know it's from You!​

- Overheard at a coffee station today a mother telling her 3 year old daughter to go over to Daddy and tell him to have a great day at Yeshiva today. The father was a grown man. This was so beautiful and reminded me that we are lemala min hatevah- In the so called regular world she would have been telling her daughter to tell her father to have a great day at work. It reminded me how Hashem controls the world and takes care of all of us. We have people holding up the world by learning in Yeshiva and Hashem provides for them and all of us as well. Thank you Hashem for making our people so special and for making us lemala min hateva- in the regular world they would have no concept of a person sitting and learning full time. Thank you Hashem for taking care of us.

- My labor manager is out for this week so job assignments were off for this week. Thought it would be laid back week with no parnasah. Hashem sent me some parnasah from a totally different area in my business that I do not usually get involved in. Thank you Hashem for showing me that we really have nothing to do with our parnasha and where it is coming from.

-Baruch Hashem I met a friend I haven’t seen in years. We are both in Lakewood for the summer. Baruch Hashem we started a shiur to attend together and are now learning torah together.

-Went on a long trip for the day to the country. Decided to take my wifes car. The next morning I am driving my car and the tire light comes on. I go to the tire place and he shows me a patch in the tire that was popping out. Chas vishalom could have been a big problem if we took my car on the trip. Thank you Hashem.

-Thank you Hashem for my son growing by leaps & bounds in 9th grade in Mesivta this year. He was zoche this week to make a siyum on Meseches Baba Metzia (together with several other of his classmates), a major accomplishment! Looking forward to a restful summer & continuing his journey to gadlus, Bezras Hashem!!

- We sometimes forget when it gets hot outside how enjoyable it is to go outside without bundling up, like we do in the winter. & Boruch Hashem we’ve had so many sunny days this summer, it’s been really enjoyable. Thank You Hashem for all kinds of weather, hot, cold, sunny, rainy... All come with huge benefits.

- Went to a pizza place in the country and saw it was owned by my friends nephew. I gave him some assistance and offered him some things he can use that I had and told him I would give it to him for free. When me and my family finished our nice sized order he was kind enough to give it to us for free. We should always be looking to give to one another. A midah that can end the galut. Thank you to this person and Thank you Hashem.

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