BESHALOCH: Angels and Demons 

By Editor - Aug 25, 2020 02:22 PM Beshalach

The Torah said “HASHEM MADE A SALVATION FOR YISROEL… AND THEY BELIEVED IN HASHEM AND MOSHE HIS SERVANT”. .The question is that before the splitting of the sea they did not believe in Hashem? What about the ten plagues? Yisroel knew the NEVUAH of the BRIS BEN HABESARIM that said that “THE NATION THAT ENSLAVES THEM, HASHEM WILL JUDGE”. Yisroel thought the plagues were punishment to the Mitzrim. Even the exodus was to deprive them of slave labor. They did not yet feel the love and connection to Hashem.

However, once Hashem structured the miracle of the Red Sea in a way that saved them (Hashem could have just destroyed the Mitzrim and not have to do a miracle to save Yisroel). They said that Hashem really cares about me. He has forgiven my sins and He wants to get close to me. Their fear of a lack of acceptance went away and then their Neshamas were able to truly believe in Hashem and sing to Him.

It seems that the splitting of the sea was an infrequent occurrence. We say every morning, “Blessed are you Hashem that prepares man’s steps. The Midrash says on the Possuk, “THERE WILL FALL FROM YOUR LEFT SIDE 1000 AND FROM YOUR RIGHT SIDE 10000.”This is referring to the tremendous amount of demons and evil spirits that surround a person. The Midrash says that before every step a person takes, the Malach that accompanies you cries out “ SPLIT FOR THE MAN WHO WAS CREATED IN THE IMAGE OF HASHEM”. Who is this Malach? The Possuk says that “Hashem has commnded 2 Malachim to protect each person”.

There is a Halacha that before you go to the bathroom you say to the Malachim that accompany you, “BE HONORED YOU HONORABLE ONES HOLY SERVANTS OF HASHEM. WATCH ME, HELP ME,WAIT FOR ME UNTIL I EXIT BECAUSE THIS IS THE WAY OF MAN”. The Aruch Hashulchan explains that we do not say it today because we are not on the lever to actually sense the Malachim that accompany us. It would look like haughtiness if we say it. Hashem has Malachim serve us by giving us our own personal Yam Suf with every step we take. It shows how important we are to Hashem and how much He loves us.

We have to understand that in many ways we are greater than the Malachim that accompany us. Many people say that Malachim have free will. However, the truth is so clear to them it is like our free will to put our hand into the fire. Of course, we will not do it.. What would happen if you took away a Malach’s certainty and put him into our world of Sheker. The Possuk says that THE FALLEN ONES WERE IN THE LAND. Who were these fallen ones. The Midrash says a group of Angels said to Hashem “WHAT IS MAN THAT YOU SHOULD REMEMBER HIM” They said that Man is so sinful compared to us. Hashem said to them “I WILL PUT YOU DOWN ON THE EARTH AND SEE HOW WELL YOU DO”.

They were many times worse than man and were a great cause of the flood. Similarly we see the big there Malachim, Michoel Gavriel, and Refoel come to Avraham after the Milah. First, the Possuk says “THEY WERE STANDING OVER HIM” Then the Possuk says ‘HE WAS STANDING OVER THEM” (standing over is a language of superiority). In fact the Midrash says that the Malachim were trembling in awe of Avraham. Why? Originally the Malachim heard of Avraham’s greatness but felt that if palled in comparison to their own high level of spirituality. However, the Malachim saw something that they could never hope to achieve.

It is true that for purity and holiness they were on a much higher level than a human. However, Angels do not really choose to do things. They are just extensions of Hashem’s will. Avraham choose to emulate Hashem through the power of Chesed and giving. In a sense he was ACTING AS HASHEM in the physical world. That is what is meant that when Yaakov built a Mizbeach.

The Possuk says “VAYIKRAH LO KEL ELOKEI YISROEL” Chazal explain that Hashem called Yaakov “KEL” This is truly amazing! It means that the Avos were counterparts of Hashem in the physical world working in the same capacity to allow the world to exist in the physical realm. Is there any question that when the Malachim saw the spiritual reality from Shamayim being placed in the physical world through Avraham that they trembled?. Is there any question that Hashem loves us because of our innate potential that he send his Malachim to serve us? The more we realize who we are and what we are truly capable of doing, we realize Hashem’s intense love and constant salvation He does for us. Then we will reach the true heights of EMUNAH!