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4 Strategies to Navigate the Fear of Public Speaking

By Mr. Charlie Harary
If your heart races when you have to give a presentation to a new prospect or a small group of colleagues, just imagine getting up in front ...

What Makes a Leader: Capability or Capacity?

By Mr. Charlie Harary
If there was a theme that seemed constant in this year’s news cycle, it was the lack of inspiring leaders. While there are always indi...

3 Steps to Unlock Your Inner Innovator

By Mr. Charlie Harary
Some of the greatest innovators may eat, sleep and breathe in Silicon Valley, but you don’t have to be in Silicon Valley to be in...

Fake It Till You Make It

By Mr. Charlie Harary
“Fake it till you make it.” Have you heard that phrase before? So have I. And if you&...

Own Your Life

By Mr. Charlie Harary
Ownership. We’ve all heard phrases like “Act Like an Owner”, “Own Your St...

The Cost of Control

By Mr. Charlie Harary
We love to be in control. The empowering effect of watching our efforts produce immediate results...