A Letter for the Ages: Introduction

By Rabbi Moshe Malka
Oct 23, 2017 10:53 AM

It is extremely important to hold yourself back from being quick to anger. Learn how to not allow stress to get the best of you through Rabbi Malka's class series on the Ramban's Letter for the Ages.

In this introduction, listen to Rabbi Malka explain the actual letter that the Ramban sent to his son about how to be successful in this world as well as the next by never raising one's voice nor being quick to anger.

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Rabbi Moshe Malka first came to the Jersey Shore seven-years ago, where he assumed position as the Rabbi of the Ohel Yaacob Congregation, in Deal Township. Aside for heading the Synagogue, Rabbi Malka also teaches in Ma’or Yeshiva High School, and serves as the presiding Rabbi of the Jherin Esther Bet Midrasha.

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