A trainee’s bill of rights

I will probably get killed by other trainers for this article, but I am writing this to educate the consumers, the clients. I’ll also admit that some clients DO get more out of their time with me than others. 

Here is how to get the most out of your trainer and sessions:

Don’t be afraid to ask your trainer if he/she is certified and from where!

I personally always get very surprised that no one asks me about my certifications. At this point, I am working in the field for a long time, so that could be why. However, even in the very beginning, hardly anyone asked. Another question along these lines is HOW the certification was obtained. Nowadays, there are so many certifications that are so easy that even a kid can take the test. A good and thorough certification will require months of studying, as well as hands on practice and tests.

Hold your trainer to the agreed upon time!

If you are supposed to have a 45 minute session and your trainer shows up 7 minutes late, hold her to it. As long as you say it nicely, your trainer will have no problem making up the time either at that session, or owing it to you for next time.

Ask about packages, referral programs and discounts.

Many trainers offer prepaid packages, where you purchase a certain amount of sessions at a time, at a rate that is prepaid, but ends up being lower than paying per session. Although you have to come up with the money, it is still cheaper in the long run. Some trainers may offer you something for referring a friend, such as a free session or a discount. Your trainer may not tell you about these options, but ask, and take advantage of what’s available.

Talk or work.

If you want to get the most out of your session, minimize your chatter. I do have a few clients that can get a perfect workout in and talk through the whole thing, but like I said, a few, not many. Most people get distracted and end up missing out. I am all for having a fun and social session, but try to minimize as much as possible to get the most out of your workout.

Change is good!

If you notice that your trainer is always using the same CD, the same equipment or the same moves, speak up. Tell her you love working out with her, but how about spicing it up a bit? When your body gets used to something, it does not react anymore. A good trainer will constantly change things up to keep you excited, motivated and to keep your body reacting!

You deserve your trainer’s undivided attention.

This means that the trainer should be focusing only on you. It is inappropriate for your trainer to be taking calls or texting while training you (unless it is an emergency). If you are training in a gym setting and other people are around, the trainer should only focus on you and avoid socializing with other members in the gym. This also means that your trainer should not be using this time to get in his/her own workout. This is YOUR workout, and he/she should be watching you and making sure you are doing it right. 

Good luck!

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Tanya holds a master’s degree from Brooklyn College, as well as many specialty certificates such as pre and post natal fitness and nutrition, sports nutrition, life coaching, cognitive behavioral therapy for emotional eaters and working with special populations such as children, senior citizens and athletes. Tanya has extensive knowledge and experience in working with complex medical conditions and eating disorders. As a trainer and group class instructor, Tanya is certified to teach kickboxing, spin, pilates, boot camp, step and more. With the motto that no two classes should ever be the same, Tanya is always bringing new routines and moves to her popular classes. Tanya is also the creator of the first ever kosher workout DVD series called Shape Fitness Kosher Workout, created for women and girls bringing her best workouts to the comfort of people’s homes.