Fransbalancedkitchen Approved: Trader Joe’s Favorite Finds

One of my favorite supermarkets to shop at is Trader Joe’s! They have great produce, snacks and everything in between, all at affordable prices!

But as we all know not everything labeled organic, non GMO, or fat free etc. necessarily means it's healthy or good for you. That's why I created Fransbalancedkitchen supermarket tours! For more information about this, you can email me directly.

Heres a list of my favorite Trader Joe finds and why these products are amazing!

  1. Raw Crunchy Almond Butter: You will be surprised that in my house almond butter goes through basically a jar a week. Trader Joe’s almond butter ONLY contains almonds unlike other brands that add in sugars, hydrogenated oils, etc. They always have an amazing fresh taste and it's made with a lot of crunchy pieces that we all enjoy!
  2. Peanut Butter: Trader Joe’s brand of peanut butter is delicious and fresh tasting. If you know me, I can literally eat peanut butter with anything and Trader Joe’s brand is the first I go to because it only contains one ingredient – peanuts.
  3. Everything but the bagel seasoning sesame seasoning blend: The craze has been all about this spice and I totally understand why! This spice has everything you would find on an everything spiced bagel. In this little bottle it has a crunchy, salty, and roasted savory flavor! I literally put it on everything I eat, wether its some roasted veggies, hummus, cream cheese spreads, roasted chicken, baked potatoes and more!
  4. Sprouted tofu: I recently began to have a new love for tofu. I was never such a fan but once I started to create some tasty recipes for tofu I started to incorporate it into my daily diet. So my favorite place to get my sprouted tofu from is Trader Joe’s because its always fresh and its always at amazing prices!
  5. Sprouted Quinoa: Quinoa is one of my favorite sources of protein to get when I need a change! Light , fluffy with so many ways to prepare it! You can check out how I prepare this Quinoa on my blog under ‘ Mushroom Quinoa Salad’.
  6. Scandinavian swimmers: These candies are soft, chewy candies, bursting with fruity flavors, and colored with spirulina and fruit and vegetable extracts. I always recommended these candies to my clients who have kids, its a great alternative to standard candy on the shelves that contain tons of dyes and processed additives that give off negative effects on the body.
  7. Cauliflower and broccoli rice: I love these bags of cauliflower rice and broccoli riced bags. If you follow me on Instagram @fransbalancedkitchen you’ll see I use these bags a lot to make them my side dish or even incorporate them to be the star of the dish! Each bag is perfectly riced and if you don’t use them by the expiration date you can always freeze them!
  8. Chile lime seasoning spice: I love to find interesting spices at trader Joe’s because they always have amazing spices with CLEAN ingredients. I use this chile lime spice to season raw veggies, poultry, fish and eggs! I love this spice because it doesn’t contain any sugar that other chile lime seasonings contain!
  9. Dried Mango: I am obsessed with trader Joe’s dried mango! its always fresh and at affordable prices. always made with one ingredient( unlike other brands who make there dried fruit with tons of added sugars) and being a health coach being mindful of  ingredient labels are so important!
  10. Lavender sea salt body scrub: I love to use a good body scrub to exfoliate and cleanse my skin. I love to use this body scrub because it keeps my skin feeling soft and hydrated. This scrub is made with natural ingredients like sea salt and essential oils( which is usually hard to find in conventional body scrubs). Again at a really affordable price!
  11. Tea tree tingle shampoo and conditioner: Trader Joe’s brand of shampoo and conditioner is a great alternative to conventional hair products you’ll buy at your supermarkets. This is made with natural products that are good for you and your body plus it smells great!
  12. Frozen artichokes: Im not the biggest fan of frozen vegetables because of its high water content and sometimes bland tasting. But I always grab these frozen artichokes when I go to Trader Joe’s. I’ll usually make them with some olive oil, fresh garlic and lemon juice and they always taste incredible!
  13. Nuts: I love buying fresh and roasted nuts from trader Joe’s. Especially the 100 calorie packs because its great to keep in my bag for a quick and satisfying snack. There nuts are always fresh and always at an affordable price and thats not easy to find because we all know nuts can be pricey. I also love that there nuts are dry roasted so that means no hydrogenated oils are used to roast the nuts besides the natural oils of the nuts itself.
  14. Beet Chips:  Beet chips from trader Joe’s are crunchy, delicious, satisfying and only made with beets! These chips are one of my favorite snacks to pick up when Im in the mood for something crunchy. I always keep a bag with me on hand for when hunger strikes! I love to use these in replacement to any type of chip, its great for salsa, guacamole and I even throw them into salads.
  15. Lemon pepper seasoning: This spice is a staple in my house because it really compliments almost every dish with the zesty lemon and a hint of pepper. I love to use this spice in salad dressings, fish and chicken.
  16. Organic sugar: If your’e buying sugar I prefer buying organic sugar, especially at trader Joe’s. This Sugar is sweeter and more flavorful than processed, refined, white sugar.
  17. Organic raw honey: There honey is delicious in baked goods, tea, yogurt, granola and even with carrots ( Find that recipe on my blog ‘ Honey Pistachio roasted carrots’ ) Plus its organic at an amazing price, which is hard to find!
  18. Olive oil Spray: Trader Joe’s has a huge selection of Oils, and I love there Extra virgin olive oils. I also love to use the olive oil spray because of the easy use of it when roasting or bakings plus there Olive oil spray only contains Olive oil in it unlike other brands that contain harmful toxins and chemicals.
  19. Organic Maple syrup: I usually always bake/cook with maple syrup so, I love to buy Trader Joe’s brand since its organic and affordably priced.
  20. Red lentil Pasta: The lentil pasta is amazing because its only made with lentils! This pasta is perfect for when you want the texture of pasta but not all the carbs! The pasta is packed with protein that makes it the perfect meal with some veggies and sauce.
  21. Zucchini noodles: I love to buy the fresh zucchini noodles. I either eat them raw in a salad or make a zucchini pasta with them. It saves so much time buying the zucchini already prepped.


Frances is an amazing health and lifestyle coach whose main goal is to help our community get physically and mentally stronger with every mindful choice we make.