Alacrity, Cleanliness, Purity, and Holiness

Rabbi Israel Abargel and Hameir Laarets work to spread Torah in Israel and around the world. Their activities include classes, lectures, and daily support and assistance to those in need. Hameir Laarets is a Torah Institute that deals with the publication and distribution of the works and teachings of Rabbi Yoram Michael Abargel zt”l. Hameir Laarets has already released over 50 books and more than 100,000 copies of our publication “Mesillot” are distributed free of charge every week. Our organization also provides daily support and assistance to those in need. Rabbi Yoram Michael Abergel, OB”M was the founder and head of Torah and Hessed institutions called Kol Rina Rav Phelim and Rav Phelim whose center is currently in Netivot . Over 4,000 Avrach scholars study in these institutions. He is the author of: - Bezur Yarom - his lessons on Sefer HaTanya, - Amri Noam - his lessons on the Parshiyot of the week and the festivals of Israel - Kol Rina - prayer arrangement and cycle series