Rosh Hashanah

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Rosh Hashanah: The Shofar's Stirring Message for Today

By Shabbos Stories
Shabbos Stories for Rosh Hashanah 5783   Shabbos Stories for  Rosh hashanah 578...

Rosh Hashana: Chesed

By Torah Wellsprings

Rosh Hashana: Ups and Downs

By Congregation Magen Abraham

The Enormity of the Concept of Repentance

By Rabbi Yosef Churba
The Chassidic Rebbe, Rabbi Tzadok HaKohen of Lublin, zt”l explains that the commandments of th...

Sins Endanger Lives, Repentance Saves Them

By Rabbi Yosef Churba
Rabbi Moshe Cordovero, zt”l writes in Tomer Devorah that each sin which a person performs crea...

Teshuvah for a Person Who Sins Repeatedly

By Rabbi Yosef Churba
Our teacher, the former Sephardic Chief Rabbi of Israel, the genius, Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, zt”l ...

How Teshuva Makes Us into New Beings

By Rabbi Yosef Churba
Our teacher the Chida, zt”l (zekher tzaddik liverakhah, may the memory of the righteous be a b...

Teshuvah: Wiping the Slate Clean

By Rabbi Yosef Churba
According to the Dictates of Logic, It Is Impossible to Repent Chazal declare that according to l...

The Meaning Behind the Food

By Rabbi Eliezer Zeytouneh
סימנא מילתא היא A Sign is a Legitimate Action The Gemara in Horayot (12a) teaches, ...

The Power of Teshuva is Beyond Human Understanding

By Rabbi Yosef Churba
Teshuvah is one of the greatest and most wonderful gifts which God has given the Jewish people. It i...

Rosh Hashanah: Judgement Day

By Rabbi Eliezer Zeytouneh
אוכלים ושותים ושמחים "We eat, drink, and are merry!" The Shulhan A...

Reflection On Renewal Before Rosh Hashanah

By Orly Wahba
We’ve all experienced hardships in our life; obstacles, bumps in the road and moments when we ...

A Pratical Guide to Renewal for Rosh Hashanah

By Orly Wahba
How do we successfully hit the reset button and give ourselves the chance to begin again without the...