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The Ten Plagues

By Mr. Morris Arking
The Torah presents the ten plagues as three groups, with each group comprised of three plagues, and the final blow of Makkat B’khorot ...

Free At Last

By Congregation Magen Abraham

Pesach and the Seder Nights

By Jack E. Rahmey
This Friday night begins the holiday of Pesach, when we are commanded from the Torah to celebrate our freedom from slavery in Egypt ove...

The Mitzvah of Eating Matzah

By Mr. Morris Arking
In the beginning of the Haggadah, when we read K’ha Lahma ‘Anya, we highlight the aspect of the Misvah of eating Massah that is ...

The Translation of Pesach

By Mr. Morris Arking
If you ask anyone how to translate the name of the holiday of Pesah, the answer that you will invari...

K’ha Lahma ‘Anya

By Mr. Morris Arking
This short opening paragraph that begins with K’ha Lahma ‘Anya is comprised of three see...

Z'roa: What is our Custom?

By Mr. Morris Arking
What is our Minhag? It is our custom to eat the Z’roa’ (roasted Shankbone) at th...

Hol Hamo'ed Pesach; Dayenu

By Jack E. Rahmey
Some years we completee the first two Seder nights and then approaches the Shabbat of Hol Hamo&rsquo...

Why We Celebrate Passover

By Jack E. Rahmey
Friday night begins our holiday of Pesah, which must not become routine, because we are celebrating ...