On the Seder Night We Must Also Thank Hashem for the Survival of Yisrael throughout All the Galuyos which Is Even More Miraculous than Yetzias Mitzrayim

Torah by Rabbi Pinches Friedman Rabbi Pinchas Friedman has for many years carried the title of “Head of the Belza Kollels.” Rabbi Friedman is considered a great master of the תורת הנסתר, being a מקובל, he was officially crowned by the Rebbe of Belza as the “Rosh Yeshiva of מבקשי השם” and make the framework of the lessons in תורת הנסתר that have been held in secret for more than thirty years to an official “yeshiva” – To express the need to strengthen the learners in נגלה, that during the difficult time of עקבתא דמשיחא, those who deserve it should also engage in Torah בפנימיות, so that they can understand the holy things scattered in the books of חסידות.