Fast Days

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Ta'anit Esther: What You Should Know

By Rabbi Hayim Arking
When we were faced with a great war orchestrated by Haman to destroy every Jew on the fourteenth of...

Why We Fast on Tzom Gedaliah

By Shelly Greenstein - Forman
Many Jewish people are all familiar with the minor fast day that comes swiftly after the Rosh Hashan...

Reciting Anenu in Arbit Before a Fast Day

By Mr. Morris Arking
The Gemara in Masekhet Shabbat (24a) quotes a Tosefta: Yamim She-En Bahen Qorban Musaf K’gon S...

Why We Fast on Asarah B'Tevet: Jerusalem Under Siege

By Rabbi Yosef Churba
With the upcoming fast day of Asarah B’Tevet, many people may be wondering why it is that we f...